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250 per kg



SubCategery : CYPERSTAR 25



Minimum Order Quantity: 5 LTRS

Made : 2019

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What is an inorganic fertilizer?

Inorganic fertilizer, also known as mineral or commercial fertilizer, is fertilizer mined from mineral deposits or manufactured from synthetic compounds. Both organic fertilizer (composed of natural ingredients of plant or animal origin) and inorganic fertilizer provide nutrients to assist with plant growth and improve plant yield

What are the types of inorganic fertilizer?

The types include; Nitrogen Fertilizers, Potassium Fertilizers, Phosphorus Fertilizers, Complete, Balanced, Slow-Release and Specially Formulated.

Advantages :

You can use Inorganic fertilizer to rescue dying plants immediately, basically because it releases nutrients easily into the soil and absorbed by the plants.

It is easily available in almost all agro-input outlets. This makes it very convenient.

Disadvantages :

The cost is relatively much higher than organic fertilizers.

Besides the essential nutrients available for plants’ use in inorganic fertlizers, they also contain other compounds and salts. Plants are unable to absorb these compounds and salts, and so are left in the soil. Over time, these compounds build up in the soil and change the soil chemistry. This creates soil problems, making it less ideal to work with.

Applying too much, at an instance, tends to burn the plant and can even destroy it. You need to strictly follow recommended rates.